4 common grocery habits that could be damaging your children’s health – Are you guilty?

MANILA, Philippines — With the threat of COVID-19 still very much present in the world we live in today, moms are always extra careful with regards to their kids’ safety. But even with all the added precautions—being the moms that they are—they would never stop worrying about their kids’ health and wellness.

Even a simple cold or an unexpected fever is enough to send them into a panic.

But do they also apply the same level of concern and mindfulness with the food and drinks that they bring home from the grocery to their kids?

Moms would be surprised by some of the most common grocery habits that could be damaging their kids’ health. Worse they could even be practicing these themselves for the longest time.

Are you guilty? It’s time to know the truth in order to change for the better.

1. What’s in your grocery list

Most of the time, moms can be on auto-pilot when listing their grocery items. Often also, they just list generic names like juice, cereals, milk, bread, cheese, etc. Then, once at the supermarket, they’d go pick their regular items like they used to.

But have they actually gotten the chance to check if their trusted regular food and drink items are actually healthy? Think about this. It’s best to pick healthier options and be more specific about it in your grocery list.

As moms would also be looking for options that can boost their kids’ immunity, always apply the same level of inspection with new products to add in the grocery list.

2. Getting swayed by what’s popular

Whether from TV or social media, moms always see advertisements that try to trick them with words like “health foods,” “hypoallergenic,” “100% organic”—marketing terms that don’t mean anything.

While not all moms fall prey to these tactics, we can’t deny that some moms do get enticed without double-checking product claims. They end disregarding whether their new favorite grocery items are delivering their promises or not.

So moms may think they’re providing nutrition to their children when in reality, they are not.

3. Choosing convenience over caution

Indulging the sweet tooth is a common problem among moms raising very young children. Because they don’t want to risk tantrums at home, moms tend to give in to the wishes of the little ones, bringing home more candies and sweets than what’s good for them.

When it comes to sweets, it’s important to note that artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup are straight-up bad news, that may even have addictive and psychological consequences to young kids.

It could be a tricky thing but being a little stricter on the kinds of dessert that they can eat is the first lesson in discipline. Of course, the healthier options must be chosen.

4. Not checking the label

This is the closest one can get to committing a sin in a grocery shopping sense, certainly one that’s worse than the previous habits put together.

It might be due to stubbornness to stick to old favorites without question, relentless recommendations from close relatives and friends who happen to know next to nothing about what’s good for them, or from endorsements of their favorite celebrities. There are various ways that take moms away from the very important task of reading the back label.


Are your favorite food products telling the truth? Here’s why moms should read the label

For example, those promising to be health drinks may not be as healthy as they claim to be. As a general rule, most chemically sounding artificial ingredients are exactly that, and the more there are down the list, the more questionable this product should be.

Think twice whether these have a spot in your fridge or pantry unless you like the idea of having your kids drinking them despite knowing you know next to nothing about what benefits they actually have.

This is exactly what Dole All Natural Seasons’ #PledgeToDoubleCheck campaign advocates for.

It’s calling on moms to start a more foolproof path to health, especially if they’re guilty of one—or all of the above—bad grocery shopping habits.

Moms, check the back label, and make all the difference. No more mindlessly putting food and beverages in the cart without a proper look at what they’re made of.

There’s no time to waste. Join Dole All Natural Seasons’ movement by sharing your thoughts and your pledge. Use the hashtag #PledgeToDoubleCheck when you post on your Facebook or Instagram account.

Pehpot Pineda of Mommy Pehpot Blog has already joined the movement and has pledged to always double-check the label on her food purchases, especially when it comes to health drinks. How about you?

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