MANILA, Philippines — “If you can’t explain it to a child, you don’t understand it yourself.” This quote, most often attributed to Albert Einstein, also holds true when it comes to parenting.

Moms and dads must know and understand their children’s nutrition, all to keep them healthy and strong. From asking their own parents and fellow moms and dads, to heeding the advice of pediatricians, they do their best to learn.

The internet also provides tons of helpful parenting tips, but with the shadow of false information lurking. And as they are faced with a pandemic, they also need to be careful with fake news about health on social media.

So in uncertain times like these, hard facts backed by science should be the standard for parental guidance. This is exactly what NANKID believes in.

Dr. Hayden Kho discusses the importance of science-driven data.

Photo via Instagram / Dr. Hayden Kho

In its first-ever interactive virtual event “The Science of Nourishing Possibles,” NANKID gathered influential moms and dads to share their experiences and underscore the importance of science-driven data.

Promotion of health and safety

A key factor in helping parents decide what is best for their children’s health and safety is choosing and knowing the right sources of information they consume.

An article in The Journal of Nutrition reports that media (TV, magazines, newspapers) remain primary sources of information for parents. However, it also reveals that 90% of respondents regard experts (doctors, registered dieticians and nutritionists) as more valuable information sources.

“Health and nutrition is our priority. So I do a lot of research, mostly on the internet. The challenge is how you deal with the overwhelming amount of information and at the same time filter out the junk,” said Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr., dermatologist, entrepreneur and father to Scarlet Snow.

“You have to have a process, a system on how you do your research, so that you can remove the froufrou and focus only on the salient points,” he added.

Moms and dads share why they rely on science when it comes to children’s nourishment and immunity

Experiment Room – Parents and their kids participating in two fun experiments.

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He then shared his own process: 1. Check the sources for credibility; 2. Check if the claims are backed by scientific evidence; and 3. Verify it with a trusted partner, like Nestlé’s NANKID for example.

“What I love about Nestlé is that they create products and services that are backed by evidence and verified by experts, developed through decades of experience,” he explained.

Boosting happiness, learning

“As parents, we strive to look for answers in terms of how we keep our kids happy, and how we can introduce certain foods to them so they can eat better and develop a better immune system,” shares Brazilian-Japanese model and mom of two, Vanessa Matsunaga.

Providing the best nutrition is a surefire way to make sure that your child has a holistic growth and development.

Moms and dads share why they rely on science when it comes to children’s nourishment and immunity

Vanessa Matsunaga and her daughter, Bella, in their lab gear.

Photo via Instagram / Vanessa Matsunaga

According to a research from BioMed Central, healthy eating results to better self-esteem and psychological well-being for children, as well as fewer emotional and peer problems.

The World Health Organization also affirms that children learn better when they are healthy. What’s more, children with enough nutrition are more productive and creative, which make them more ready to grab opportunities as they grow up.

Improving immunity, optimizing protein

Knowing the importance of good nutrition for children, it’s a must to prioritize their health early on. One way is by introducing a variety of food sources with the right amount of essential nutrients.

“I think one of the biggest challenges is keeping the kids healthy and safe during this time. So I make sure they take the right amount of nutrients to boost their immunity, and for Amari (her youngest), I make sure that NANKID is one of those things I make sure she drinks,” said Joy Sotto, NANKID mom ambassador who also took part in The Science of Nourishing Possibles.

Moms and dads share why they rely on science when it comes to children’s nourishment and immunity

Live Q&A with NANKID Ambassadors.

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NANKID is a great nutrition source with its optimized protein, Bifidus BL Probiotics, and its latest addition of Human Milk Oligosaccharides, or HM-Os, in its formula.

Nestlé NANKID is the first company to have clinically proven optimized protein that supports optimal growth. It also sets itself apart by having Bifidus BL Probiotics, also clinically proven to strengthen gut immunity.

Taking the quest for improved immunity even further, Nestlé NANKID has unlocked the amazing possibles brought by HM-Os, which bring benefits such as increased antibody response for stronger immunity, lowering pathogenic bacteria that can cause illness, and potential reduction of respiratory infections.

“The latest science behind NANKID is backed by expertise, evidence and expert recommendation. As one of the largest scientific networks in the world, Nestlé Research dedicates over 1.7 billion to research and development each year, including research in early childhood nutrition,” said Aubrey Rose Iñigo, Marketing Lead for Premium Milks, Nestle Nutrition.

“This is a testament to our commitment to provide only the most scientifically advanced nutrition that will address children’s evolving needs,” concluded Iñigo.


To know more about NANKID’s science-proven nourishment with the best formulation for children, visit the website here.

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