But while any fan worth their SKIMS can rattle off the names and birthdates of the Kardashian-West kids, knows Givenchy crafted the custom design Kim wore for her 2014 Italian vows to Kanye West and remembers precisely how and when the cover model broke the Internet, there’s still more to learn about the aspiring attorney and criminal justice activist.  

In honor of the multi-hyphenate’s milestone 40th birthday Oct. 21, we asked her to open up that book of Kardashian lore just a liiiiiiitle bit wider and, as expected, she did amazing, sweetie.  

So if you’re curious about her awww-inducing childhood nickname or her secret for powering through all those law school textbooks (who are we kidding, of course you are!), take a pause from snapping selfies and check out Kim’s list. You’re going to want to do more than skim through it. Bible. 

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