Adele really can do it all. 

The star, who is usually known for her music, is taking on a different role on Saturday Night Live this week as she hosts for the first time ever. She’s not even pulling double duty since H.E.R. is this week’s musical guest, so she’ll be solely showing off her comedy chops. She gave fans a tease in the newest SNL promo, which was posted on Thursday afternoon. 

In the first half of the video, Kate McKinnon mistakes Adele saying that H.E.R. is the musical guest for her being the musical guest, and the three women all declare themselves to be the musical guest. In the second half, Kate puts on her best English accent to imitate Adele, and to show just how unfazed she is by the impression, Adele offers her best American accent in return. 

“Oh my god, no worries girlfriend,” she says, and it’s not bad! Maybe we’ll even get a whole sketch of it on Saturday. 

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