May the cutest baby always win!

Anderson Cooper‘s 7-month-old son, Wyatt Morgan Cooper, and Andy Cohen‘s 22-month-old son, Benjamin Allen Cohen, are growing up to become besties like their dads. But sometimes…there’s a little friendly competition.

On Tuesday, Dec. 15, Anderson, 53, and Andy, 52, appeared remotely on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote their upcoming annual gig of co-hosting CNN’s live New Year’s Eve show. During the segment, Stephen Colbert noted that Andy’s toddler son won People magazine’s title of “Cutest Baby Alive” in 2019 when he was a baby, while Anderson’s infant boy received the honor this year.

“Now, what I need to know, not only for myself, but for American people,” Stephen began, “is that will there be a peaceful transition of power?”

Andy joked, “Ben, of course, is the Cutest Baby Alive. We got the offer from People magazine and I thought that it would be very selfish, especially in a year of turmoil, for us to take that award. So we said, let’s give it to Wyatt Cooper this year. Because hasn’t Anderson been through enough, quite frankly?”

Anderson replied, “You gave a hard pass to being the Cutest Baby Alive for two years in a row?” to which Andy replied, “He gave a charitable pass.”

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