Slide drama on the high seas.

E! News has an exclusive sneak peek at Monday, Dec. 21’s brand new episode of Below Deck. The preview shows the crew attempting to set up a giant inflatable slide for My Seanna’s current group of guests to enjoy, but bosun Eddie Lucas is having more than a little bit of trouble.

“I’m sensing stress levels increasing,” new deckhand Rob cracks as Eddie struggles with tangled ropes and misplaced parts.

Captain Lee Rosbach checks in via Walkie Talkie, asking the stressed out bosun, “How we coming with the slide?”

“We’ve had better days,” Eddie replies.

“Everything’s wrong,” Captain Lee says in his confessional. “The epitome of a s–t sandwich.”

After Captain Lee informs Eddie he’s started setting up the slide virtually backwards, Eddie jumps off the ship onto the inflatables floating in the water.

At this point, even the guests have noticed Eddie’s struggles as one points out, “Oh guys, you gotta see this. It’s hilarious looking.”

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