Five years after “The Dress” made everyone question their reality, Billie Eilish is here to melt your brain once again. This time, it’s not a dress that is getting the internet talking, but a pair of shoes the “No Time to Die” singer swears is a certain color. 

On her Oct. 17 Instagram Story, Billie showed off a pair of Nike Air sneakers. She joked that her dad claimed the sneakers were “pink and white,” when they obviously were not. The only problem? To many fans, the sneakers do look pink and white… which apparently blew Billie’s mind. 

“Not you guys saying they’re pink and white too,” Billie captioned a video of her shocked face. 

The Grammy winner has proof that the sneakers aren’t really pink and white. She showed an image from the internet of the shoes, and it’s clear that they’re actually mint and white. (Unless Billie is just trolling all of us, because, um, it really does seem like the sneakers are pink and white!)

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