David Harbour may be on a serious sci-fi show, but his real life is more like a sitcom. 

This week, the Stranger Things actor, who married singer Lily Allen in a secret Las Vegas wedding ceremony in September (complete with an Elvis Presley impersonator!), shared exactly what it’s like being a stepdad to Lily’s two kids Ethel, 9, and Marnie Rose, 7. 

“I’m in a relationship with three women who all have very different opinions of me at various times,” the Black Widow star joked to People. “Making that kind of a commitment, which I haven’t for most of my life, was a huge thing for me. And it just makes you feel a little bit more like a man, to be honest. I just feel a little bit more like an adult.”

The two-time Emmy nominee added that being in this “family role” made him feel like “every cliché from every sitcom you’ve ever heard.”

“It’s a cliché that we make fun of constantly in television and in books and I had always watched it with a grain of salt going, ‘Eh, whatever, it’s not the real deal.’ And now I am in it,” he said. “That sort of hits it on the head.”

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