The pressure is on. 

In this sneak peek clip of tonight’s all-new Celebrity Game Face, contestant duos Raven-Symoné and Miranda Pearman-Maday, Jack Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne and Sherri Shepherd and Lauren Marshall—are competing in a round of “Tik Talk Dance Off.”

As part of the game on the Kevin Hart-hosted E! series, one team member watches and verbally describes a TikTok dance, while the other has to carry out the moves—blindfolded—using only their partner’s directions. The stakes are already high since all of the contestants are previous losers looking for redemption, but Kevin takes the game to a whole new level when he introduces the judge for the TikTok challenge: famed choreographer Laurieann Gibson.

Up first is Sherri and her sister, but lucky for them, they don’t seem intimidated. In fact, the Mr. Iglesias actress even squeezes in a dance routine of her own. “You see that, Jack?!” she says seductively, much to Kelly’s amusement. 

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