Christina Anstead is trying to find calm in the storm of heartache.

More than a month after announcing her split from husband Ant Anstead, the HGTV star caught the attention of fans with her latest Instagram post.

While enjoying a ride on Prestige Yachts on Oct. 21, Christina shared a message that could shed light on what her mindset is today. 

“When we have a choice to get caught up in alllllll the nonsense or just choose to find peace…I’m choosing the anomaly,” she proclaimed. “It’s interesting how you can go from being worried / getting anxious about what people are saying about you to just deciding not to read / read into any of it. When you are officially done ‘playing the game.'”

Christina continued, “We all have the choice…choose the one that makes you feel good. I’ve always loved the ocean and find it relaxing—To me—this is peace and perfection.”

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