Jennifer Lopez threw a mini Halloween party this year, and in order to celebrate, she dressed up like her fiancé Alex Rodriguez‘s ex!

On SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, the Hustles actress detailed her Halloween plans to host Andy Cohen. While the coronavirus pandemic dashed all hopes of a huge blowout, J.Lo found a way to make the occasion really special. She, her family and a small group of friends she invited dressed up as music icons to celebrate the holiday, with the 51 year old attending the gathering as Madonna in her “Like a Virgin” music video. She even rocked the white lace gloves!

“We had like three friends over, four friends. And yeah, we all got dressed up like way too much,” Jennifer explained. “My kids were like hiding in the bedrooms. They were like ‘What are you doing?’ I dressed as Madonna and Alex, he went as Bruce Springsteen.”

She added that her good friend and manager, producer Benny Medina, attended the event as Elvis Presley. The “On the Floor” singer documented the whole thing on Instagram

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