Everyone could use some good news these days, and John Krasinski is here to deliver.

On Sunday, Dec. 20, The Office star shared a new addition to his at-home YouTube series Some Good News that had a few celeb cameos.

The actor opened the show, which he started during self-quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak, with a bit of fan art: some great, a couple of “ego-destroyers” and hilarious depiction of the him in a Santa hat and ski mask “clearly breaking and entering.”

He then showed another well-drawn image of himself, as John explained, “And if my ego hadn’t taken enough of a brutal beating, it was actually art by Rebecca who sealed the deal and made my insecurity soar with this photo which one would only assume is me hosting this holiday episode.”

The father of two looked closer at the drawing and added, “But after closer inspection of this confounding face, I thought perhaps it was the Internet’s not-so-subtle hint that it would much prefer to have this show hosted by one Justin Timberlake.” Hilariously, the Grammy winner appeared on the screen and nodded, “I’ll do it.” To which, John graciously ignored.

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