Sure, the turtledoves were nice, but Kristen Wiig knows what the Pigeon Lady in Home Alone 2 really wanted was a warm place to sleep.

On NBC’s SNL‘s final episode of 2020, the Wonder Woman 1984 actress and former cast member returned as host. One sketch parodied a fictional alternate ending to the beloved 1990 holiday movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and Wiig played the Pigeon Lady alongside Melissa Villaseñor, who portrayed Macaulay Culkin‘s childhood role of Kevin McAllister.

After the Pigeon Lady tells Kevin that she lives under a bridge, he informs her that he’s got a “huge” room at The Plaza Hotel that he paid for with his dad’s credit card.

“You know, Kevin, I had an idea as well,” she replies. “Seeing as you have that fancy credit card, maybe you could get two hotel rooms?”

Kevin thinks about it and is initially reluctant but then says, “Wait, something just occurred to me. I have enough money to get you a room too…maybe some new clothes and food too.”

Now we’re talking. However, the moment of clarity is interrupted by the arrival of “Wet”-turned-“Sticky Bandits” Marv and Harry, played by Kyle Mooney and Mikey Day. Fortunately for Kevin, the Pigeon Lady is not going to let their thirst for revenge foil her plans to sleep pigeon-free. Unfortunately for them, this means they’re going to have to go.

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