To wear a toupee or not wear a toupee? That is the question.

In this clip from Thursday, Nov. 5’s all-new The Bradshaw Brunch, Terry Bradshaw reveals he’s considering becoming a toupee spokesperson. While Terry seems open to the idea, wife Tammy Bradshaw doesn’t appear on board.

“What are you doing?” Tammy declares as Terry walks in shirtless while wearing a toupee.

He confidently responds, “You want some of this?”

Not only does Tammy demand that Terry remove the toupee, she reveals “it’s creeping [her] out.”

“Take it off,” she demands again. “Why are you doing this?”

Terry has a short and sweet reason: “Money.”

In a confessional, Terry explains to Tammy that he used to wear a toupee back in the day.

He further declares, “And I was making more money wearing the toupee than I was playing football.”

Although Tammy seems horrified by the hair piece, Terry assures her its just a trial toupee and the company “will send a better one.”

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