Quarantine hasn’t been kind to Terry Bradshaw.

As fans of The Bradshaw Bunch may recall, the former NFL star managed to go “quarantine crazy” just days after the coronavirus pandemic forced people to stay put. Now, he’s trying to make up for all of the extra indulging he did while stuck indoors, but as you can see in this sneak peek of tonight’s all-new episode, he hasn’t made a ton of progress. 

Terry is desperately trying to squeeze into his favorite pair of jeans, and when he’s unable to wiggle them on while holding his breath—which of course leads to him accidentally letting out a fart—he plops down on the bed to try a new method.

Lying down, Terry rocks back and forth while using all of his strength to button the jeans, but still, nothing—a major let-down since he had been hoping to wear the pants to the big NASCAR event he and his family are attending on tonight’s Bradshaw Bunch, as we previously teased.

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