Most of us won’t ever have to relive our breakups, but Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams does every time she settles in to watch her season with friends. This week, she sent fitness coach Ben Smith packing after he was unable to articulate his feelings for her, and it definitely brought up some emotions for the reality star.

“All I have to say are these Bachelor episodes, or should I say Bachelorette episodes, have me feeling some type of way,” she shared on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, co-hosted by Joe Amabile. “It’s very emotional watching these things back, and reliving these feelings. I may have taken one too many shots, or drank a little bit too much wine, I don’t really know. I was definitely in my feels.” 

While Joe said that he, too, was frustrated by Ben’s behavior, Tayshia teased that the story isn’t over yet—likely further fueling fan speculation that Ben returns to the show in order to sweep Tayshia off her feet. Fans pointed to the fact that promo footage in which Ben seemingly declares his love for Tayshia has yet to be aired.

Tayshia shared, “There are still things that are going to happen that you guys have no idea about, and it’s going to throw everything in a loop.”

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