Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Carole Baskin of Tiger King fame shared some details about her sexual identity, revealing that she is bisexual.

The Big Cat Rescue founder explained on Monday, Oct. 19, “I have always considered myself to be bisexual.” She told PinkNews, “Even though I’ve never had a wife, I could just as easily have a wife as a husband as far the way I feel about us. I think we are all one.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum said she became familiar with the LGBTQ community during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. “I became very close to people in that community then,” she added.

Baskin said that while growing up she believed she was “probably born into the wrong body” because she acted like a “tomboy.”

“I was always very male-oriented in the things I did… I never had any mothering instincts or anything, you know, I never played with dolls. And so I always thought that there was something off there, that I couldn’t quite put my finger on,” Baskin said.

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