Borat is back.

Sacha Baron Cohen made an appearance as the character on the Oct. 19 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Let’s just say, things didn’t go as the late-night host expected. 

Donning his signature gray suit, the fictitious journalist from Kazakhstan said he needed to ask Jimmy Kimmel a “health questionnaire” due to the coronavirus pandemic. He also tried to spot the virus with a magnifying glass and smack it with a frying pan, despite Kimmel noting this method wouldn’t work.

“He is a coward! This coronavirus is a coward!” the mockumentary star shouted after nearly swatting the cameraman.

But that’s not all. After Kimmel answered all the questions, he was asked to participate in a physical examination, during which Cohen, er, Borat unzipped Kimmel’s fly front with a clamp and pulled him around the room.  

He wasn’t the only one from the movie to make a cameo, either. At one point, Borat’s daughter made an appearance and attempted to steal a portrait from the studio. However, this wasn’t the only souvenir she wanted. She also made it clear she had to have Kimmel’s pants.

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