The Beckhams! They’re just like us.

Victoria Beckham shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the making of her family’s 2020 Christmas card, and it basically sums up this crazy year. 

In her Instagram video from Thursday, Dec. 17, their three dogs were running wild with tails wagging. Meanwhile, her and David Beckham‘s four children stood by the tree, seemingly unsure how to pose. 

The fashion designer started off by questioning her kids’ outfits, asking her 21-year-old son, “Brooklyn, are you sure you don’t want to put trousers on?” when he was wearing drawstring shorts. He responded, “No.”

Then 15-year-old Cruz held up his ugly Christmas sweater, which had mom’s stamp of approval. “Excellent, that sums up your personality,” she said. 

“Dogs, sit!” Victoria hollered. “It’s a Christmas card, guys. This is meant to be a nice thing to do.” 

Her daughter Harper, 9, said, “This is a very sad Christmas,” adding, “Look at the tree,” pointing to the sky-high evergreen.

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