Romasanta bats for transparency

(The Philippine Star) – October 20, 2020 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine Olympic Committee first vice president Jose Romasanta yesterday reminded his colleagues of the stakes involved in the POC polls on Nov. 27.

“As sports leaders and POC members, we should aspire to be better men and women not only in pursuing sports excellence but also in setting an example in honesty, integrity, proficiency and transparency for our followers, our flag, and our country, all in the spirit of Olympism,” Romasanta said.

Romasanta, a key member of the POC since 2004, invoked the principles enshrined in the International Olympic Committee charter in promoting “the development of physical and moral qualities” and to “educate young people through sports in a spirit of better understanding and friendship to build a better and more peaceful world.”

The point he was driving at, Romasanta said, was “that our actions and decisions within our associations and the POC have a larger impact beyond the field of sports and upon the society we live in as well.”

Romasanta, who served as chef-de-mission of the Philippine delegation to the 2016 Rio Olympics, appealed to his fellow members in the POC that “our choice and decision in this crucial elections on Nov. 27 will leave a legacy for posterity that will impact succeeding generations.”

Romasanta is no longer seeking an elective position in the POC.

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